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This blog is dedicated to help you build healthy self-esteem & a positive mindset to lead an extraordinary life.

I’m a former counsellor who is passionate about empowering women to be their own ‘life coaches’.

Some of us do not have thousands of dollars in our bank accounts to ‘invest’ in life coaches who may or may not help you with your problems!

That’s why I share mindset + self-help advice here.

And free self-help printables.

I want to help you boost your self-esteem so you can have genuine relationships, meaningful work and self-love.

I used to work as a counsellor in a government ministry coaching over 200 youths!

As a start, you can download my Self-Esteem Workbook to help yourself be more confident at work. Hope it helps!

- Shikah

In case you are wondering…I’m 34 years old, happily married & blessed with a 2-year-old daughter (who has a mind of her own!).

I have a Bachelor's Degree and a Post-Grad Diploma as well.

Both are from NUS (National University of Singapore) and NIE (National Institute of Education) respectively.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Fill up the form below & I'll get back to you in 48 hours. 

I offer motivational English tuition for students from Primary 3 to Primary 6 levels too.

See you around!

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