(Free Printable) 4 Strategies to Stay Motivated & Keep a Healthy Self-Esteem

Having more achievements is one fast and foolproof way to keep a high self-esteem.

As a counsellor, I know that self-esteem should come from WITHIN ourselves and not from outside influences such as ‘achievements’.

I choose to be realistic in here - many of us get a QUICK boost of self-esteem from outside influences such as having a high-flying position at work, making lots of money, even toting a Chanel handbag, looking good and so on.

So in this blog post, I’m working with the flow and giving you 4 real strategies to stay motivated at work and in your projects, grab more achievements and maintain a high self-esteem - the fast way.

It’s normal to feel like giving up and quitting. Even successful people - and people on their way to success - have felt like giving up. But they have strategies to handle their emotions.

I’ll be sharing 4 strategies to handle and control the feeling of wanting to give up. What should we do when we feel like giving up?

Let’s start.  

Point #1: Remember Why You Started.

I like to keep things simple. Take a pen and a piece of paper and write down: Why did I start?

Why did you start this project, this business or choose this work in the first place?

If you feel happier writing on a pretty piece of paper, you can download the Why Did I Start? printable below.

This exercise will give you a fresh wave of inspiration and motivation about your work.

Motivation will keep you going and makes you feel empowered. Keeps you focused on your goals too.

When you are motivated + focused + all fired up about your work, you will enjoy achievements here and there.

This will keep your self-esteem high.

Point #2:  Remember the Faces of People who Said You’ll Fail

Remember their faces. Remember their words.

Their negative words might sound like this:

“I’m sure that you will fail if you do this project / business.”

“I’ve already said this - you can’t do this project. Everything you’ve done before has been a failure. This is no different.”

“You are not good enough. Who are you? You are a nobody - nothing special.”

“Who do you think you are? You don’t have what it takes to be successful in this.”

Are you going to prove to these people that you are the loser that they think you are? Are you going to prove them right?

What’s worse is that we unknowingly entertain these people’s words sometimes. And ‘obey’ these people by taking half-hearted actions towards our projects.

Remember these people. Have a list of their names and toxic comments.

For example: “Person A has called me a bimbo behind my back and that I will amount to nothing.”

“Person B said I am not confident and not smart enough to start a business.”

If you want to write this list on a pretty printable, you can download one I’ve created for you.

You might be curious and wonder: “Why would these people say such toxic things about me?”

You can re-frame the situation by thinking this way: It’s their ‘job’ to gossip or put you down.

These (toxic) people have ‘jobs’ to do. Their role in our lives is to motivate us and be the fire in our bellies. And their ‘job’ is to push us  - real hard - with their taunts.

Let them do their ‘work’!

Whenever you hear a negative comment, taunt or gossip about you - be grateful because these people remember us and have us in their minds. That is why we have become the subject of their stories and their gossips.

Be thankful that they remember us - even with their hectic and busy schedules.

If you are strong enough, forgive them and wish them success too.

Point #3:  Mindset Shift: Challenges Help Us Reach Excellence.

When something bad happens to us, we might sigh and think:

“Why do I always have problems? Look at my friend. She doesn’t have problems. Her life is so easy. Always successful and always happy”  

We might not know that that friend of ours might have already gone through the same challenges we are going through.

She might choose not to share her challenges with others. Not everyone wants to share such stories.

Challenges help us reach excellence. We have to twist our mindset.

One suggestion is to stop asking “Why me?” and replace it with “Try me.”

Also, ask ourselves: What is the lesson we can learn behind this problem?

Point #4: Listen to Motivational Podcasts and Audio Books

An easy (and addictive) habit to pick up is to listen to positive podcasts during our daily commute or whilst doing chores.

Listen to motivational podcasts or audio books to bring you closer to achievements - or perhaps to just shift our mindsets to be more positive.

Listening to uplifting material everyday will seep into our subconscious minds, change our outlook on life and boost our self-esteem over time.

I have been listening to self-help audio books, and searching for powerful podcasts for millennial women. (Do you have any suggestions? Tell me your favourite podcasts in the comments section below!)

I hope these 4 strategies will help you control your emotions when you feel like giving up.

In short, the 4 strategies are:

  1. Remember why you started

  2. Remember the faces of people who said you’ll fail

  3. Mindset shift: Challenges help us reach excellence

  4. Listen to Motivational Podcasts and Audio Books

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