These 5 Self Belief Habits will Boost Your Confidence


By right, believing in ourselves shouldn’t be hard.

It’s just a matter of having the confidence to go after what we want.

But life is not so straightforward sometimes.

If you find it hard to believe in yourself, these are 5 self belief habits to kickstart your journey to be a more confident You.

1.Don’t listen to others (too much)

I know this is controversial, but people tend to give too many opinions sometimes. If you ask 10 people about their opinions on your plans, you will get 10 opinions.

Whose opinion(s) are we going to listen to?

It’s good to keep our projects and goals a secret at times to boost our confidence levels.

It is to prevent some people from projecting their negative beliefs on our plans.

Even if you have the best plans in the world, the most negative person can still pick holes at them and criticise.

If you wish to get feedback, choose a level-headed friend or a mentor (or coach) who has already achieved what you wanted.

You can also research for someone who has succeeded doing what you want to do, and model after him or her.

2. Spend time with people who recognise your talents

Join Facebook groups, follow Instagram personalities and watch Youtube videos from people who share the same values as you.

And please spend time with people who recognise your excellence! This will boost your confidence a hundred fold.

I’ll give you an example: Your talent in motivating people will be more appreciated in a group of self help enthusiasts than in a group of pessimists.

So choose the people you spend time with, wisely. (I beg you!)

3. Create a ‘Success Log’ for yourself

We can create a Success Log to increase our confidence instantly.

A Success Log keeps track of all achievements you are proud of.

Nothing boosts your confidence like recalling and writing your past successes.

Our minds focus too much on our mistakes, failures and negativity.

So let’s do the opposite and retrain our minds to focus on our success instead!

You can learn how to create your own Success Log here.

4. Put yourself ‘out there’ and see what happens

Putting yourself ‘out there’ is terrifying.

Please only ‘put yourself out there’ in activities which you genuinely want to do.

Create those Youtube videos which you’ve wanted to do for a long time. Do an IG ‘live’ video. Record a Facebook ‘live’ video or even post your picture on your blog.

Don’t create a video just for the sake of getting over your fear of videos.

If you are scared about something but there’s a fire burning inside you to do it, go do it.


if you feel scared about something and you have no desire whatsoever to do that thing, don’t do it. (Promise?)

Go put yourself ‘out there’ and see what happens!

Nothing boosts confidence (and gives you thick skin) like putting yourself ‘out there’.

5. Know what you like and be unapologetic about it

This sounds obvious - but be aware of what you like and what you don’t!

Most importantly…be unapologetic (but polite) about it.

If you like exercising 30 minutes a day even though you are slim by society’s standards, don’t be shy to admit so.

Some people will make comments (sometimes out of curiosity) such as: “But you are already slim! What are you working out so hard for?”

You don’t have to explain your life choices to everyone.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation :)


If you need to boost your self confidence fast, I can send you a copy of my ever popular Raise Self Esteem Now worksheet to help you out!

Have a good week.